Training with Grandmaster #2

Keep It Simple & Direct

During this weeks training i was talking with Grandmaster about how Wing Chun was passed on to him by Yip Man and the methods that were used.

I asked questions about different aspects of our training and it came up that if you can’t tell the student something in a simple and direct manner then how can you teach it simply and directly.  Technically, you musn’t have a very good grasp of what Wing Chun actually represents.

This is because one of the main principles of Wing Chun is to use simple and direct methods to achieve a positive outcome in the quickest time. But don’t misinterpret simple for being easy, many of our methods do appear easy to the uninitiated, but they take a lot of effort to reach a level of proficiency. Many people tend to overthink things and incorporate too many unnecessary, complicated aspects into their training. Majority of the time it is only to feed their ego and appear to have something different that nobody else has, or it’s to hide the inadequacies of their own training and they need to make things up to appear more knowledgeable. Now this is not a slight against other practitioners because if they are able to be successful and make a living from what they are doing then good luck and more power to them. However, going through every minute detail and giving it a fancy, different name  was never the intention of our previous masters, they were more concerned with whether you could achieve the desired result quickly, understand it thoroughly, and could you apply it when needed. Many of the outcomes we train for can’t be overtly explained, they must be “experienced” first before the Sifu can expand on it further for the benefit of your understanding. If he tells you too early that you will feel this particular way or that particular way,  then you may overthink it or try too hard to achieve that thing, which in turn could actually hinder your development. Progress cannot be forced it must be allowed to happen of it’s own accord and everyone will have different stages of progression.

It is our intention to teach the Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong system 100% without “secrets”, because there are none. We want everybody to be able to gain these amazing health benefits for themselves.  These benefits come from within ourselves. They are an innate part of our body’s restore, repair and protect function. We have the ability to tap into the areas of our psyche and internal strength using these techniques that are normally only able to be accessed during times of extreme duress or stress. We have all heard of people doing superhuman feats that they could never do under normal circumstances. This limitless potential lies within all of us, and Ling Tung Gong is how we can access it for its healing potential and direct it to the parts of our body that need it.

If you are interested in learning more about Wing Chun Ling Tung Gong,  send me a message at

Relax, Be Happy, Concentrate, Don’t Worry & Persevere.

Sifu Dave

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